Project EmpowerMD: Medical conversations to medical intelligence

Physicians continuously integrate new information, such as research studies, patient-supplied information, and new protocols into clinical practice. Physicians also collaborate with other clinicians and patients to get new insights and develop care plans. EmpowerMD captures and integrates medical expertise at scale and provides an intelligent consult, or virtual collaborator, to the physician at the point-of-care.

Our first effort is an Intelligent Scribe, initiated as part of our collaboration with UPMC. The Intelligent Scribe is a learning system that captures and synthesizes patient-physician conversations in the form of encounter note suggestions. This allows physicians to spend more face-to-face time with patients, and to use every patient interaction to achieve the best outcomes.

The Intelligent Scribe leverages many services from Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud including Custom Speech Services (CSS) and Language Understanding Intelligent Services (LUIS), customized for the medical domain. We are building a rich medical knowledge graph and a recommendation system. We have also developed an Azure-powered architecture for secure sharing of speech data with our healthcare partners.

While we are starting with the Intelligent Scribe, our long-term vision is a learning system that incorporates data from longitudinal medical records, medical devices, genomics, population health, research papers, and more. This learning system will improve as it grows and learns. We look forward to working with partners as we turn our vision into reality.

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